Tuesday, August 31, 2010

1 MALAYSIA Menjana Transformasi

Berdiri, Teguh di bumi
Nyata pupuk semangat satu Malaysia
Sepakat, Rakyat didahulukan
Pencapaian diutamakan

Perpaduan, Mendapat rahmat
Toleransi kaum amalan bersama
Kejayaan, Kita bangunkan
Satu Malaysia

Dalam capai satu tujuan
Tanggungjawab kita semua
Jadi teras bangsa mulia
Kita bina Satu Malaysia

Satu Malaysia jadi pegangan
Rukun negara teras panduan
Satu Malaysia benteng negara
Rakyat Malaysia taat setia

Satu Malaysia untuk semua

53 years ago in Stadium Merdeka, Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj shouted “Merdeka!” for 7 times and it marks our independence day since then. Malaya or Malaysia (after 1963) gained independence on 31st August 1957 from British. It was a peaceful independence attained by agreement with the United Kingdom where Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al Haj embarks on a delegation of ministers and political leaders to negotiation with the British in London. Yes, the agreement was accepted then and 31st August 1957 has been selected as the official day!

Although the independence we have do not experienced any shed of blood and fighting, the long period of colonization and freedom is something that worth more than that. Being an independence nation, there is so much we can do and proved to the world. Over the last 53 years since the first day of independence, Malaysia has changed a lot. From an agriculture based economy, we have moved to industrial based economy. The success in other areas also shows we have what it takes to be on our own.

Here with 1 Malaysia menjana transformasi, I am so happy and anticipated to celebrate this memorable day of Merdeka. I believe that our beloved country, Malaysia will be more successful in the future. And as the generation who lives without knowing the hardness of colonization, we should appreciate our independence and should strive at best for our country!


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